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    Now is the time for high-speed DSL that is up to 50 times faster than your dial-up service.

With Surftone DSL, your high speed Internet connection is ready when you are. An "always-on" connection provides super fast downloads for accessing and sharing information. Download large files, photos and view streaming video without interruption. Surf the net faster than ever before. We provide one bill for all your services: local, regional, long distance, and DSL.

Compare a High Speed DSL Connection To Dial-Up...

Item to Download    File    Download Speed w/DSL Download Speed w/Dial-Up
Documents 1.5 MB 20 seconds Over 6 minutes
Video Clips 6 MB 45 seconds Over 25 minutes
Photos 1 MB 12 seconds Over 4 minutes
Large PDF 3 MB 30 seconds Over 12 minutes
      Choose the Residential or Business DSL Service Option that is Right For You.
ADSL Service Nominal
(down / up)
IP Address Install Kit Install Kit
After Rebate
thru 08/01/24
Year Term
Consumer DSL Up to
Dynamic FREE FREE $17.99
Consumer DSL 3.0 Up to
Dynamic FREE FREE $29.95
Business DSL  
Basic 768 Up to
Dynamic $49.95 N/A $29.95
Basic 3.0 Up to
Dynamic $99.00 FREE $39.95
Premium Up to
Static $49.00 FREE $59.95
Premium 3.0 Up to
Static $49.00 FREE $79.95
*Price per month is based on a one-year term agreement. This price includes DSL Internet service only. DSL is a flat rate service. There are no usage charges.

** The easy to use self installation kit includes a DSL modem or router. Professional installation is available for $199.00. This offer is not available in all areas. Call for availability. Early termination fee is: $199.00.

*** Actual speeds may vary based on phone line conditioning, inside wiring on premises, Internet or network congestion, and the speed of Web sites you connect to on the Internet, among others.

How Do I Sign-Up for DSL?

1. You can Call us: 877.630.SURF (877.630.7873)
2. Submit the form below to set-up an appointment to speak with a representative

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