This is my first Surftone bill, and I was told that I would save money.  Why does this bill look higher than my previous carrier's bill?
Just like your previous telephone service provider, Surftone always bills monthly (recurring) service charges one month in advance.Your previous provider will issue you a credit for any prepaid monthly charges on your final bill from them, normally within the next 30 days.
Your first invoice from Surftone will include pro-rated monthly service charges for the current billing month as well as for    service charges for the following month in advance.
We realize that the pro-rating and pre-payment of monthly charges may be inconvenient during this transitional period.  But remember, the end result upon receiving your credit from your previous carrier will offset these charges.
Why have I also received a bill from previous carrier this month?
As stated above, your previous telephone service provider will issue a credit to you for any prepaid charges, but will also bill you for any usage charges for your phone calls made prior to the date that you switched your service to Surftone.
What is the FCC Line Charge?
The FCC line charge is an FCC regulated fee that you pay to your local phone company to connect you to the telephone network. This fee permits the local phone company to recover some of the costs of installation and maintenance of the telephone wire, poles and other facilities that link your business or home to the network.
What is a Dial Tone Charge?
The Dial Tone Charge is simply your monthly service charge for having your telephone in service ("with dial tone") when you pick up the phone.
What is a PICC Charge?
The Presubscribed Interexchange Carrier Charge (PICC) is a fee that long distance companies pay local telephone companies to help them recover part of the costs of providing the "local loop". This fee applies to multi-business lines only.
How do I add additional services and features to my account?
Just call Surftone Customer Service at 877 630-SURF(877 630 7873) and someone will be glad to assist you.  Our representatives are knowledgeable with all of the Surftone services available and can help you to select the features that are customized to meet the needs of your business.
Is there any way to save even more money with Surftone?
Yes!  Tell a friend about Surftone!  In appreciation, for each new customer that you refer to Surftone we will credit your account $20.00.  It's that easy for our loyal customers to earn rewards every day!
What does putting a "freeze" on my account mean? How can I have this added to my account?
You have the option to protect your phone service by adding a freeze to your local and long distance lines. A freeze prohibits any unauthorized changes to your service and prevents your phone service from being 'slammed' or moved to another carrier.

We will apply your local and long distance freeze immediately. You may also call Customer Care at 877 630-SURF (877 630 7873) to have the freeze applied. There is absolutely no cost to you to receive this important security feature.
Who do I contact to review the Carrier-to-Carrier Migration Process?
Migration Resolution Primary Point of Contact: Brian Durkin Email: brian.durkin@Surftone.com Phone: 732-345-7807
Escalation Point of Contact: Ross Artale Email: ross.artale@Surftone.com Phone: 732-345-7845
What are Surftone Tariffs?
Click here to view our tariffs.

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