Surftone Credit/Debit Card Policy
Automatic Monthly Payment
Customers may choose to effect an automatic monthly payment for telephone service by authorizing Surftone to charge/deduct a credit/debit card. In order to honor this request, Surftone must receive a signed authorization form. This authorization will remain in force until customer notifies Surftone in writing to cancel the automatic payment option.
One Time Charge Authorization
Customers with accounts in good standing may authorize a one-time credit/debit card payment of account either by voice authorization or by written request. Customer must supply the billing address of the card used, correct in all particulars, so that Surftone may verify the payment information and receive an approval from the issuing financial institution.
Credit/Debit Cards Accepted
Surftone accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards.
Refund Policy
As we provide a nonrefundable service, no refunds will be given for telephone service and/or features invoiced. Refunds will only be provided for billing errors that are determined to be in the Customer's favor. Refunds granted will appear as a credit on a future invoice, unless the account has been disconnected, in which case a refund check will be mailed to the last known address of the customer.
Surftone is not responsible for credit/debit payment requests that are not honored by the Customer's financial institution. Customer assumes all obligations to provide timely payment of account by MoneyGram, check, money order, or EFT or by supplying an alternate credit/debit card to Surftone should an authorization be declined for any reason.

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